Reliability & Savings Through

Service & Maintenance

Planned Maintenance Agreements

The most cost effective way to keep your equipment in working order so you can rely on it when you need it the most is through a Planned Maintenance Agreement. Our expert techs will perform a thorough inspection and of your entire systems on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Simplicity & Transparency

No packages, gimmicks, or unnecessary replacements. Our goal is to keep your your system in proper working order, not run up an unnecessary or excessive bill! We do not tier our maintenance packages to upsell you. If any repairs or replacements are needed our techs will communicate with you to discuss our recommendations and decide on the best path forward.

“If You Don’t Schedule Maintenance, Your Equipment Will Schedule it for You.”   –  Wisdom From Experience

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Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance

Air Intake & Exhaust:

Check air filters, replace when needed as separate billing

Check air filter service indicator

Inspect air inlet system

Inspect turbocharger

Check exhaust manifold

Inspect exhaust system


Inspect bearings

Check vibration isolators

Inspect control panel

Check start controls

Check voltmeter

Check ammeter

Check frequency meter

Check circuit breaker

Lube Oil System:

Check oil level

Change all oil filters

Check oil pressure

Check for any leaks

Change oil

Fuel System:

Inspect fuel tank

Change fuel/water separator strainers

Inspect all fuel lines and connections

Change all fuel filters

Test fuel in tanks for water (results must be turned in)

Engine Monitors & Safety Controls:

Check all gauges

Check all safety Controls

Check remote annunciators & alarms

Transfer Switch:

Inspect all connections (retighten if necessary)

Inspect wiring for brittle or burn marks

Inspect all switches

Cooling System:

Inspect radiator exchanger

Check coolant level

Glycol check of coolant (freezing pt.) (results must be turned in)

Inspect all hoses and connections

Replace coolant filter(s)

Inspect and/or Replace All Belts & Hoses

Check jacket water heater

Inspect water pump

Inspect thermostats

Check Operation Of Transfer Switch

Starting System:

Inspect batteries, terminals & connections

Check specific gravity of batteries (results must be turned in)

Perform load test on batteries (results must be turned in)

Inspect battery charger

Inspect starting motor

Inspect alternator

Replace points, condenser & plugs (Gas engines)

Written Documentation Of All Work Performed

As the last step of the inspection, the generator will be run under building load with the owner’s permission. All readings will be recorded on the tech report along with any discrepancies noted. Repairs needed will be pointed out at the time to be made while on site or quoted for a follow up visit.

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Is this an Emergency?

Is this an Emergency?

Our skilled technicians are on call 24/7 for emergency repairs. Call us immediately if you need an emergency service or repair and our operator will find the nearest available technician for you!

The Experts Are Only a Call Away

Schedule your annual maintenance or PMA today by calling our office or using the online form. We will get you on an annual schedule that works best for your operation.


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