Keeping the Lights on at the Poultry Farm

A hatchery for a national poultry brand, located in central North Carolina, needed an 850kW genset to keep their operations secure. When the old unit went out they were forced to rent a generator for thousands of dollars per week. It is in these critical situations that Atlantic Power Solution’s flexibility, experience, and connections are so valuable.

Watch the Installation

Watch a short one minute video of the removal of the old unit and the installation process of the new genset on location.

Challenges & Solutions

A poultry hatchery has millions of dollars at stake if the power goes out without a reliable back-up power solution. So when our customer’s 850kW generator had to be replaced, they were spending thousands every week to rent a standby unit until a replacement was found. The lead time on big units like this can be staggering, however, we were able to source a product and have it installed within two weeks of signing.

APS Provided:

  • Sourcing of an available unit that met the customer’s backup power system specifications.
  • Management of unit freight and installation logistics.
  • Removal of existing unit and installation of new unit.
  • Start up and commissioning of equipment.

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24/7 Emergency

24/7 Emergency

When a power outage strikes, time is of the essence. We understand the urgency of getting your backup power system up and running swiftly. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance and troubleshooting, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.