APS 350-450 kW Perkins Genset

Perkins powered 350-450 kW three-phase genset with choice of Newage or Marathon generator. Class H 125°C temperature rise generator, industrial grade silencer, engine vibration mounts, and block heater, and stainless steel exhaust flex all come standard. Brushless generator and high quality AVR ensures low levels of radio interference. Remote monitoring and control through standard the Display Master 4 controller.

APS’ agricultural gensets are factory tested and field proven to be reliable for any farming and livestock operations. Our sets are designed with standard items that others consider options.

APS D350P3, D400P3, D450P3 Details

350-450 kW

Amps: 481-1563 (3φ),

Class H, 125°C Temp Rise


Brushless Generator

Fuel: Diesel